Recommendation for Garage Door Springs Repair

Garage door comes in many styles from swing up and over to sectional garage door. They are available in different shapes and sizes from double-sized 16/7 to single 8/7 garage door. Some doors are designed with a single panel and others with multiple panels. They are also available in wood, metal, and glass material with built-in custom locks and windows. It is the top security accessory for any building that you must think about. However, there is one common element that all garage doors have is how they are working. Their operational mechanism and parts are similar in that they all rely on the power of springs.

Broken Garage Door Springs:

This is a very common garage door issue that needs a solution in time. It is estimated that garage door springs have a life span of 7 to 10 years depending on use and the quality of the springs.

Garage doors are manufactured with either torsion or two extension garage door springs. Anyhow, it is a very dangerous component of a garage door. So it is suggested for anyone, not to attempt garage door spring repair (do it yourself) without proper tools and experience. If you are willing to do it, you are dealing with a high risk of injury to your head, hands or fingers. Believe me, it is not a good idea. You may lose your life or fingers!  

When your garage door spring breaks or loses its contracting ability, it is suggested to replace it immediately to avoid any accident. Remember; replace both of the springs at once to stop further damages.

Even if you have been replaced the one spring, the garage door will function properly. But you are still running under the danger zone. Your old spring will break anytime. It will also impose heavy tension on new garage door spring which will decrease its life span. In many cases, the garage door would be stuck or drop without any safety support, causing panels, opener, and garage door cables damages. No one knows, what and who will be underneath it when the garage door springs broke. Save your vehicle, money, and time to get them fixed or replaced at once.

It is strongly suggested that always contact to your local reputed garage door repair services near you if you have any issue regarding a garage door, garage door opener, or garage door springs before to attempt them on your own.